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Background and History

About 1923 a group of Radiographers formed the Radiographers Society of Australia and formal courses in Radiography began in the late 1920's. The first meeting of the ASMIRT (then Australian Institute of Radiography – AIR) was held in Melbourne in 1947 and in 1948 the first issue of the Radiographer was born.

The ASMIRT was incorporated in 1950 with some 300 members in all categories. The Conjoint Board of the ASMIRT and RACR was formed in 1952 which accredited courses and Radiographers until superseded by the Professional Accreditation and Education Board in 1986. From 1950 until 1974 Councillors were the Honorary Directors of the Company and Secretariat work was completed by Honorary Secretaries until the first full time General Secretary was appointed in l974 with the Secretariat located in East Melbourne.

Air-ab a quarterly newsletter was first printed in 1975 and all State Branches produced regular newsletters until 1994 when they were all incorporated into the National publication Spectrum which is published 10 times per year. The Journal of Medical Radiation Sciences (JMRS – formerly the Radiographer) is a peer reviewed journal published quarterly.

Membership has grown to approximately 5500 members in 2009 and currently there are six Branches, more than nine Sub Branches and ten specialist panels providing advice and recommendations to Council.

The ASMIRT became a member of the International Society of Radiographers and Radiologic Technologists in the early I960's which now has some 82 countries membership.

A Malpractice and Negligence Insurance Policy has been held on all employed Members and Students since 1974. This was recently extended to include a legal cover for counselling and advice to members.

The ASMIRT through the ESAP (formerly PAEB) accredit all undergraduate Radiography/ Medical Imaging courses in Australia. The ASMIRT also, through OQAP (Overseas Qualifications Assessment Panel) assess all applications from overseas for Radiography, Radiation Therapists, Nuclear Medicine Technologist and Sonographers. All radiographers in Australia must have a Statement of Accreditation or equivalent.

On Thursday 19th of May 2016 the Australian Institute of Radiography (AIR) announced its formally approved name change to the Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy (ASMIRT). The change was spurred by a need to adopt a name that reflects the full diversity of the treatment and imaging professionals including Radiation Therapy; Nuclear Medicine; and the full gamut within Medical Imaging - including non-ionising modalities such as Ultrasound and MRI.

The ASMIRT continues to grow as the National Professional Organization representing, Radiographers, Radiation Therapists and Sonographers.