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IPAT Recommendations

The Inter-professional Practice Advisory Team (IPAT), established by the Board of the ASMIRT and chaired by Dr Ian Freckleton SC included representation from all stakeholders across the medical radiation professions.  IPAT met on a number of occasions during 2011 and 2012. The IPAT agenda was to:

• Identify opportunities to apply new models of advanced practice; 
• Strategise around the concept of advanced clinical practice;
• Create a framework for advanced practice standards and guidelines; 
• Consider professional indemnity issues related to advanced practice; and 
• Consult with Australian universities about advanced practice education.

The IPAT process culminated in the report released by Dr Ian Freckleton SC on 21st April 2012, entitled “Advanced Practice in Radiography and Radiation Therapy” and launched at the 2012 ASMIRRT.

View the Report from Ian Freckelton SC, Chair IPAT (21st April 2012) here (PDF)


APAP response to the IPAT Recommendations

During 2013 the Advanced Practice Advisory Panel (APAP) has been working hard to devise a model of advanced practice which fulfils the requirements of the Inter-Professional Advisory Team (IPAT) report (Freckelton, 2012) and which will also be acceptable to all stakeholders.The full draft document, outlining definitions, background and suggested pathways towards achieving advanced practice is available here. I encourage all interested MRS professionals and stakeholders to consider the document and provide any relevant feedback to apap@air.asn.au.

Jill Harris,

Chair, APAP