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Butterfly Effect Image Gently Newsletter April 2018
Posted 11th April 2018

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Australian Clinical Dosimetry Service Oversight Committee News April 2018
Posted 11th April 2018

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Radiation Oncology Practice Standards Revised
Posted 6th April 2018

The Radiation Oncology Practice Standards Fundamentals and Guidelines represent a standard for radiation therapy service provision, and provide a framework of requirements to assist radiation therapy facilities to achieve best practice across a range of domains. More importantly, these standards help to ensure that our patients receive high-quality, safe treatment.

These Standards represent extensive collaboration between the professions of the Tripartite Committee, the Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy, the Australasian College of Physical Scientists and Engineers in Medicine and the Faculty of Radiation Oncology of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists.

Response to RANZCR Draft Position Paper on Image Interpretation
Posted 4th April 2018

Thank you to all the members who responded to our call for comments on the RANZCR Draft Position Statement on Image Interpretation.  We had a very strong response from across the country, which has now been compiled into the final document, sent to RANZCR yesterday. The document can be found here. It has been a wonderful example of the strength of united voices – united for the profession and for the standards we strive to maintain.

 One interesting finding is there appears to be a high degree of confusion amongst ASMIRT members regarding the difference between commenting and reporting – so it is not surprising that the RANZCR is also confused.

Commenting is mandated in National Law. It is a minimal capability for radiographers. Click here to read more.

Reporting is completely different. A radiology report is a diagnostic report of a radiology investigation that, in Australia, is produced by a radiologist. 

There is clearly major concern amongst radiologists about our Preliminary Image Evaluation  (PIE) project here.  PIE is not designed to enable reporting.  It is  a brief written comment provided by a health professional which describes findings in the radiographic examination. The ultimate outcome of which is to  improve patient safety and prevent delays in appropriate treatment/interventions.

NSW RT Research Rego Form
Posted 4th April 2018

NSW Radiation Therapist Research Showcase

Join the NSW Radiation Therapist Research Group at their annual Showcase where the theme is ‘Sharing is Caring – A collaborative approach to Research’.
To register download the registration form and submit abstracts by Monday 9th April to Annette Brazel 

Date: Saturday May 5th
Time: 8:30am to 1.00pm
Venue: The Research & Education Centre, St George Hospital, South St, Kogarah NSW
Registration is free with refreshments provided.

ASMIRT Award winners
Posted 22nd March 2018

ASMIRT is pleased to announce the following Life Membership, Fellowship and Nicholas Outterside awards.




Bronwyn Hilder Announced As New President of ASMIRT
Posted 22nd March 2018
 Bronwyn Hilder  

Bronwyn Hilder Announced As New President of ASMIRT
Saturday 17th March 2018

The Australian Society for Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy (ASMIRT) is pleased to announce that Bronwyn Hilder has been selected by the board of directors to assume the role of president, effective March 18, 2018.

Bronwyn has been a member of ASMIRT since 1988, awarded fellowship in 2010 and has been on the ASMIRT Board of Directors since 2013. She is the chief radiation therapist at the WP Holman clinic in Hobart, and is currently undertaking her PhD.

“ASMIRT’s mission is to empower medical radiation practitioners for the health of all Australians. In my time serving on the Board of Directors, I have seen how much time and energy is devoted to ensuring the ongoing success of the Society by the Secretariat, the panel members, the branches and the members of the organisation. I am grateful to the Board of Directors for placing their confidence in me to lead the Society.” said Bronwyn Hilder.

“I’d like to thank Patrick Eastgate for his service as President since 2016, and I am keen to continue with the momentum for change that has been evident during his stewardship.”

“During my term as President, I will strive to represent the members and the medical radiation profession as the Society continues to advocate for patients and to influence local, national and international policy and practice. As individual practitioners, our influence may be small but as a collective we can have an impact so that our goals can be achieved and we can serve our patients well into the future.” said Hilder.

About The Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy

The Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy is the peak body representing medical radiation practitioners in Australia. Our aims are to promote, encourage, cultivate and maintain the highest principles of practice and proficiency of medical radiation science.

Taking the 'Team' out of Team Radiology
Posted 5th February 2018

The recent position statement by RANZCR “Image interpretation by Radiographers – not the right solution” reflects a view that is internationally recognised as antiquated, uneconomic, and not reflective of the evidenced-based healthcare practice that our patients expect and that our government requires. It proposes in one fell swoop to take the Team out of Team Radiology.

ASMIRT will in time respond in full to the many incorrect assertions in RANZCR’s position statement which are protectionist, anachronistic, and places the radiologists at the centre of the radiology team. ASMIRT members prefer to place patients at the centre of the radiology team – and will continue to do so thus providing a safe, readily accessible and cost-effective service to our patients.

ASMIRT remains committed to its course of developing a national standard for a Preliminary Image Evaluation by radiographers as is required under the National Law as part of our scope of practice. As independently practising professionals we will continue to work to that scope of practice as mandated by MRPBA – the regulatory body. As we have on numerous occasions and do so again, we ask RANZCR to demonstrate its commitment to the radiology team by working together with us on this project.

First and foremost, RANZCR should withdraw this ill-conceived position statement which erodes any notion of a team approach in our medical imaging service.

Position statement: goo.gl/dpxVzd

Patrick Eastgate, President
Sally Kincaid, Chief Executive