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Combined Malpractice, Public and Products Liability Insurance (PI) Policy - Change of Underwriter to Lloyd's of London
Posted 8th February 2017

A substantive change took place at 4pm on Tuesday 31st January 2017 (on the anniversary of the annual policy renewal) with the appointment of a new insurer, Lloyd’s of London, replacing our former insurer, Berkley Insurance Australia.  The PI Policy continues to be administered by our appointed Insurance Broker, BMS.

The benefits of the former (PI) policy continue but with some significant enhancements and improvements in relation to the cover and service provided to eligible ASMIRT members.  A summary in relation to some of the improvements to the terms of cover and services is outlined below:

  • Removal of shared group aggregate. Each eligible member now has their own limit of $20m
  • Enhanced terms of coverage
  • Temporary overseas cover now includes Canada
  • Online risk management tool available for member use

Full details in relation to the new policy (including Policy Wording/Schedule and a new Certificate of Currency) have been published in the ASMIRT Members’ Area (https://members.asmirt.org) Username and Password Required – location: Resources / Member Support / Insurance.

Further information is also available via the following URL link: http://www.asmirt.bmsgroup.com. Information about our broker, BMS can be found via the following link: http://www.bmsgroup.com.  

If you have any specific questions in relation to access to the ASMIRT members’ area then you are asked to email membership@asmirt.org or via telephone: 03 9419 3336.  Alternatively if you have insurance-specific questions in relation to the policy cover then please address these via email to: asmirt@bmsgroup.com or via telephone: 1800 940 761.

We thank Berkley for significant support and hard work over the past few years and note the excellent legal support that they have provided to us and to our members.  We very much look forward to working with Lloyd’s of London ongoing and via our recently appointed insurance broker, BMS.

Sally Kincaid

Chief Executive

JMRS authors and reviewers update your ScholarOne profile
Posted 1st February 2017

JMRS banner

In the past, authors and reviewers were given the option to enter keywords describing their areas of professional interests and expertise. We have recently updated this section in ScholarOne to make it easier for users to enter their areas of expertise by providing them with keywords to choose from. Users of ScholarOne are asked to choose their discipline (eg medical imaging), clinical site (eg general) and keywords of professional interests and expertise (eg patient care, quality improvement). Users can add a maximum of 3 terms under the discipline and clinical site categories and up to 8 terms under the keywords. All authors and co-authors of articles published in JMRS are encouraged to login to ScholarOne and update their profile.

Why is it essential that users of ScholarOne update their profile?

As a peer reviewed scientific journal we rely on you to help us with the peer review process. Editors match content experts with the appropriate manuscript.  By collecting the profile of our authors and reviewers, ScholarOne can generate a list of potential reviewers to the editors by matching the submitted manuscript to suitable reviewers based on the entered keywords.

To ensure that you will receive your invitation to review, check that your email address in ScholarOne is current. Please also check that your workplace or affiliations are present.

In addition to updating your areas of expertise, users can at a click of a button link their ORCID iD to ScholarOne.  It can sometimes be difficult to find the work of certain individuals because many share similar names. Hence, by obtaining an ORCID identifier your submission in ScholarOne will appear on your ORCID account upon publication. For more information about ORCID iD please go to www. orcid.org

If you have any queries regarding ScholarOne or if you would like to join our list of reviewers please contact Novelyn Membrano, JMRS Editorial Assistant jmrs.eo@wiley.com

Cherry Agustin

Editor in chief, Journal of Medical Radiation Sciences

New Chief Executive
Posted 11th January 2017

The ASMIRT Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms Sally Kincaid to the position of Chief Executive. Ms Kincaid took up the position on 10th January 2017.

Our Board is excited and thrilled to employ someone of Ms Kincaid’s calibre to lead its evolution into a high-performing professional organisation representing medical radiation practitioners.

Ms Kincaid was previously the Chief Executive Officer and Company Secretary at General Practice Registrars Australia, with experience as National Manager Products and Services at the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and Head of Marketing and Communications at Medical Indemnity Protection.

Ms Kincaid will be responsible for the future progression of the organisation and will work closely with the ASMIRT Board, key stakeholders and government, in order to provide leadership, direction and management to ASMIRT. Ms Kincaid will work towards ensuring the growth and development of the organisation and implementation and delivery of key strategies.

Mr Paul Gloster will return to his substantive role as Operations Manager with the full gratitude of our Board for his service and commitment whilst acting in the CE role.

Our Board of Directors welcomes Ms Sally Kincaid to ASMIRT and encourages you to make contact with her at execoff@asmirt.org.


Yours Sincerely  

Patrick Eastgate
ASMIRT President