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To assist the Board of Directors in the execution of their responsibilities, it is necessary to also seek the advice of specialists within the Membership in relation to matters requiring expertise.  The ASMIRT has consequently established various Specialist Panels, Boards and Advisory Committees to gain that expert assistance.  Being an Association which is directed by volunteers from within the Membership, it is necessary to share that task with other specialist volunteers to ensure that the objects of the Society are advanced in a timely and professional manner.

In general terms, the role of the Specialist Panels, Boards and Advisory Committees is to:

  • Advise the Board of Directors on matters pertaining to areas of specialist expertise.
  • Recommend to the Board, guidelines, venues, format etc. of ongoing education, symposia and other educational programs.
  • Discuss matters referred from the Board of Directors and make recommendations to the Board related to the particular discipline(s)/specialist area.
  • Liaise with other Panels, Boards and Committees of the Society on matters of mutual interest as a means of fostering good relations between ASMIRT specialist Panels and interest groups to further the aims of the ASMIRT.
  • Develop additional guidelines/terms of reference specific to the particular area of expertise.