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Professional Development Links

With the quantity of information and resources available on the Internet growing each day, a number of CPD participants are choosing to use the Internet as a resource for their CPD activities. With the information available not just limited to the technical aspects of our profession but ranging from anatomy, physiology and pathology to patient care and patient education, there is information available to suit all practitioners no matter what your passion or area of expertise. The information available on the Internet is not just limited to articles or research papers. Online case studies, quizzes and other CPD activities are also widely available. Some of the sites offer free registration with free daily, weekly or monthly email outs of their new case studies or quizzes. 

If you are interested in exploring some of the websites with online case studies or quizzes, have a look at some of the following sites. 

If you would like to add some of your favourite educational sites to the list please email the Professional Standards Manager (standards@asmirt.org) with the details.

ARRS Goldminer

Aunt Minnie 

Cancer Learning






XRAY 2000