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From 1 January 2017 the Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy will no longer be issuing a Validated Statement of Accreditation.

Statement of Compliance (previously Validated Statement of Accreditation)

Current Members

Members who held a Validated Statement of Accreditation transitioned to a Statement of Compliance from 1 January 2017.

New Members in 2017
During the first 12 months of new membership a limited number of membership benefits will be available to all new members. New members will be required to complete a 12 month CPD cycle before they are eligible for a Statement of Compliance.

International Australian Graduates
Graduates will apply for their skills assessment letter. Upon successful acceptance, a Statement of Qualification and skills assessment letter will be issued. 

If you have completed an approved Australian Degree, please complete the skills assessment application form

For further information on the Statement of Compliance, please click here

Provisional Accreditation

Provisional accreditation has now been replaced by the Certificate of Provisional Recognition.

Current Student members & New Provisional members in 2017
Members upgrading to provisional membership or applying for the first time will be given a Certificate of Provisional Recognition as part of the membership fees. There will be no additional cost for the certificate.

Those candidates who are not ASMIRT members or will not be applying for membership will incur a fee for the Certificate of Provisional Recognition.


For further information on Certificate of Provisional Recognition, please click here