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Advanced practice

Advanced practice

Advanced Practitioners are regarded by ASMIRT, peers, and colleagues as leaders in a defined scope of practice.

A professional who fulfils all aspects of the expectations for the ASMIRT Certified Practitioner, an Advanced Practitioner demonstrates expertise across seven dimensions of practice, and is able to provide evidence of their advanced capability in each dimension. While the dimensions of practice are described individually, the Advanced Practitioner’s practice is holistic and draws appropriately upon all aspects of their expertise to provide optimal, expert, contextual patient care.

Are you working as an Advanced Practitioner? Are you on the way to becoming an Advanced Practitioner?

Your extensive knowledge and post-graduate education may have you some of the way to be recognised as an Advanced Practitioner.
Information regarding the program is available here:

Pathway to Advanced Practice – Summary Document and Guidelines for Application for Credentialing

Pathway to Advanced Practice explainer – (contains full breakdown of relevant criteria and assessment methods)

Submission and assessment of applications

Every submission must include an Advanced Practitioner Application Form and be addressed to the Advanced Practitioner Panel (APAP) in the listed format.

Applications that meet the specified criteria will be assessed by three independent reviewers and, where successful, approved by the APAP and the Board of Directors.

For further information please contact

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