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Medical Xpress reports on Journal of Medical Radiation Sciences study

Medical Xpress reports on Journal of Medical Radiation Sciences study

International news publication Medical Xpress has reported on a study published in the Journal of Medical Radiation Sciences (JMRS). Covering health news and advances in medical research, Medical Xpress is part of the Science X network, which has a worldwide reach of over 10 million monthly readers.

The study is titled Effect of using different strips on reducing the most common error in panoramic imaging: A randomised controlled trial on palatoglossal air space shadow. Published in the June issue of JMRS, it found that fruit leather (the generic term for a fruit roll-up) can improve dental x-ray quality by 39%.

Two rolls of fruit leather on a white background. One roll is red and the other is orange. They look like fruit roll-ups.
Fruit leather, the generic name of fruit roll-ups, is made of dried fruit puree.

The study compared 270 dental x-rays from people who were told to hold their tongues against the roof of their mouths throughout the procedure, with some people using fruit leather or another adhesive aid to hold their tongues in place. Radiographers managed to take high-quality x-rays in 75% of cases where the patient used a sticky fruit strip as an adhesive-aid, compared to just 36% of cases where the patient’s mouth was empty.

Incorrect tongue placement is the most common reason for poor-quality dental x-rays, occurring in anywhere between 40 to 80 percent of cases.

JMRS Editor-in-Chief, Cherry Agustin says these research results could help patients save time and money, by reducing the need for second x-rays.

“When a person can’t hold their tongue in place and the radiographer needs to re-take the x-ray, the patient has to spend more time and money, and gets exposed to more radiation,” she said.

(A) From left to right an example of sour fruit leather (thickness: 1 mm), chewing gum (thickness: 1 mm) and celluloid matrix strip (thickness: 5 μm). (B) Approximate positioning of the strips. Credit: Journal of Medical Radiation Sciences (2024). DOI: 10.1002/jmrs.753

“Fruit leather (a fruit roll-up’s generic name) can help get the x-ray right the first time, and also tastes delicious.”

Of the 270 study participants, 90 held their tongue in place with fruit leather or chewing gum, 90 used medical tape, and 90 used no adhesive at all. From most to least effective, the results were fruit leather, chewing gum, medical tape, and lastly, no adhesive aid.

The study was undertaken by doctors Andisheh Mokhtari, Sedigheh Razi, Kasra Rahimipour and Tahmineh Razi at the Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology Department, Faculty of Dentistry, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Iran.

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