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Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy 

ABN: 26 924 779 836

Secretariat - Office Address
Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy
25 King Street
Victoria 3000

Secretariat - Postal Address
Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy
PO Box 16234
Collins Street West
VIC 8007

Telephone / Fax / Email / Website

+61 3 9419 3336
+61 3 9416 0783

ASMIRT Members Area / CPD Login: https://member.asmirt.org (username and password required)

Additional Useful Email Contact Addresses

General Enquiries: info@asmirt.org

Angio Certification & Enquiries: angio@asmirt.org
Careers: careers@asmirt.org 
Certificate Applications & Enquiries: certification@asmirt.org
Conference Enquiries: conferences@asmirt.org
CPD Enquiries (including forgotten usernames/passwords): helpcpd@asmirt.org
Events Enquiries: 
Chief Executive: execoff@asmirt.org
CT Certification & Enquiries:  ct@asmirt.org
Finance/Accounts: finance@asmirt.org
Membership Enquiries (including forgotten usernames/passwords): membership@asmirt.org
MRI Certification & Enquiries:  mri@asmirt.org
Supervised Practice Program Enquiries: spp@asmirt.org
Operations: operations@asmirt.org
Overseas Assessment: osassess@asmirt.org
Privacy: privacy@asmirt.org
Professional Liaison: liaison@asmirt.org
Professional Standards: standards@asmirt.org
Spectrum Magazine: spectrum@asmirt.org
Website: webmaster@asmirt.org  


News South Wales: nswbr@asmirt.org
Queensland: qldbr@asmirt.org
South Australia: sabr@asmirt.org
Tasmania: tasbr@asmirt.org
Victoria: vicbr@asmirt.org
Western Australia: wabr@asmirt.org

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