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Accredited Courses List - Overseas / ASMIRT Accredited
Accreditation of professional-entry university programmes

Advanced Breast Imaging Certificate - Guidelines and Education Policy
Advanced Breast Imaging Certificate - Application Form

Adjudication Matrix

Angiography (Vascular) Course Syllabus (Also available in Members Area/Publications/Study Guides)

Angiography (Cardiac) Course Syllabus (Also available in Members Area/Publications/Study Guides)


Breast Imaging Policy (PAEB)


CCPM and ABIC Policies and Procedures

Certificates - Replacement application form

Constitution - ASMIRT

CPD - Guide 2013 (Members Area/CPD)

CPD - Non-Member Application Form

CPD - Manual Activity Log
CPD Appellation Application Forms
CPD Appellation Program Template

CPD Recognition Framework

Courses in Diagnostic Radiography and Radiation Therapy (Australia)

CT Certificate Time Extension Form

CT Certification Form

CT Renewal Certification Form

CT Course Syllabus - NEW 3/7/17


Education Policies

Education Materials Borrowing Services (Members Area/Resources/Member Support)

Ethics - Code of Ethics

Expense Claims - Claim for Reimbursement


Fellowship Application Form (Members Area)

Fellowship Guidelines



Guidelines of Professional Conduct for Radiographers, Radiation Therapists and Sonographers


Intravenous Administration of Contrast  - Guidelines for Radiographers


Limited X-ray Operator Services: National Standard


Mammography Application Form
Mammography Guidelines and Education Policy
Mammography Renewal Form
Mammography Renewal Guidelines and Education Policy

Membership Application Form

Membership Benefits
Membership Subscription Rates  

Membership Application Form - Return to Work Stage 1 (Provisional)

Membership Application Form - Return to Work Stage 2 (Ordinary)

MRI Certification Time Extension Form

MRI Level 1 Application Form

MRI Level 1 Renewal Application Form  

MRI Level 2 Application Form
MRI Level 2 Renewal Application Form

The Medical Imaging Advisory Panel 1 (MIAP1) have been developing a new form that will accelerate and simplify the process for certification approvals.

The new form is currently in the approval process. Once approved by the MIAP1, it will be uploaded to the website.

I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but thank you for your patience and understanding.  

MRI Course Syllabus - NEW 3/7/17

Overseas Assessment - Application Form
Overseas Application Form - Accredited 


Privacy Statement  

Professional Indemnity (Members Area/Resources/Member Support/Insurance)

Professional Practice Standards For the Accredited Practitioner

Provisional Statement of Accreditation - PSoA


Radiation Therapy Staffing Model - Guidance

Radiation Therapy Staffing Model - Working Spreadsheets

Resumption of Professional Practice

Skills Assessment Letter for Australian approved programs

Social Media: Terms and Conditions of Use

Social Media: Users' Guide

Validated Statement of Accreditation - VSoA

Venepuncture - Guidelines for Radiographers