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President’s Message for September 2017

  Patrick Eastgate

Twitter logoPatrick Eastgate
ASMIRT President

Since my last message some key milestones have been achieved which our Board anticipates will drive our new vision, mission and strategic plan. The corner stone was the sale of the Secretariat building which we outlined at our AGM. Following a few sleepless nights I was fortunate enough to be in Melbourne for this important day for our entire organisation. It was quite easy for all to get caught up in the excitement of the auction and the real estate show that went with it. The sale of the building exceeded our expectations and was the key step in our future direction. By way of history I would like to acknowledge our Board’s predecessors who had the foresight in buying the original building in Collingwood many years ago. That decision, I believe, has now ensured ASMIRT’s financial viability for many more decades to come.

Our Board is committed to relocating in to new premises which will be in line with our vision of a modern Society and meet our future needs both in terms of a functional headquarters and just as importantly a center-point for our organisation.

With the sale of our building completed our Board is now also in a position to commit to its other goals. Behind the scenes we have undertaken a rigorous tendering process for our IT infrastructure, and most importantly for you, our members, an intuitive website. We had several companies respond with three now shortlisted. The Board will seek guidance by our Melbourne team in ensuring that we are supported by the right product.

Our radiographer commenting project continues to add high quality ingredients into what we will see as our organisations’ Preliminary Image Evaluation (PIE). We have a prototype of how we would like the exam to look and be undertaken with this to be tested shortly. With the passion and dedication of the committee I have every confidence that our organisation will be a world leader in this area of our profession. I would also like to extend my sincere gratitude to Mark Marcenko (Chair of MRPBA) who has come to this project as an observer from our Registration Board.His positive and collegiate approach has been crucial to the success of this project to date. That both organisations are committing to this project should reaffirm with you, our members, that we are maturing into a profession that is committed to its part in ensuring high quality and safe care for all our patients.

Some exciting news for our members is a not to be missed opportunity to sign up to eIntegrity’s medical imaging andradiation therapy learning modules (see page 8). There is a two week opportunity to access this fantastic resource at a 90% discount before reverting to a 50% discount. This is another fantastic member benefit that we have been working towards for our members.

In this issue of Spectrum you will see an article introducing you to the new Sunshine Coast University Hospital. I have been fortunate to play a part in this new department’s progress. What is truly humbling is despite a totally new environment, equipment and IT infrastructure my colleagues have stayed committed to providing the highest levels of care for our patients. I look forward to seeing our department showcase itself in November at the Queensland Branch RT weekend meets Country AIR event.

We are also nearing National Radiographers and Radiation Therapist’s Week (NRRTW) 1– 8 November and World Radiography Day on the 8th of November. This is a time to really celebrate our profession and an invaluable chance to provide our patients with insight into what we do. I hope you will all join me in ordering celebration packs or downloading the digital packs from our website to engage with the festivities. This year our theme is “working together”, such an important element to our profession. I look forward to seeing how you can all “work together” to make this atruly memorable week.