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Chief Executive’s Message for March 2017 

The First Ten days (or – a baptism of fire!)

I am writing this on my tenth day as Chief Executive at ASMIRT…and what a tendays it has been! Let me share some of my observations with you.

Almost as soon as I walked in through the front door I met with PatrickEastgate – ASMIRT President, triathlete and human dynamo. Patrick had very kindly flown down from Brisbane to meet with me and give me a comprehensive briefing on the organisation. How can you condense the breadth and scope of work that ASMIRT is doing – along with a potted history - into a few hours? You can’t – but Patrick did a pretty amazing job of bringing me up to speed with recent events and his shared vision for the future. I am really going to enjoy working with someone so committed to the organisation, so passionate about its aims, and with such a strong vision for its future.

My second day was happily punctuated by a meeting with the Society’s auditors in order for Directors Bronwyn Hilder and Carolyn Heyes to sign off on theaudited end of year accounts. This is an annual event and it was really good to see the organisation finish the financial year in the black – a testament to the hardwork, streamlining of costs and focus of Executive, staff and Board.

I have managed to meet one on one with all staff to learn more about their portfolios, and to explore their ideas for improvements in systems, communications and business conduct, and specifically exploring ways in which we can better service you – our members. A recent cultural audit of staff and staff engagement has strengthened the unity of the staff working for you and the overwhelming feeling I get is that the staff are all very engaged with the work ASMIRT does, and have the best interests of members at heart.

One of the most outstanding observations has been the amount of highly detailed work that is conducted by the panels. They drive the policy and direction that underpin the overall strategy of ASMIRT and inform the Board whose responsibility it is to set that strategy. One day I will find the time to add up the years of professional experience that each one represents. Such a wealth of knowledge and expertise being invested into the organisation across a numberof disciplines!

I am looking forward to meeting many of our members at ASMMIRT in Perth at the end of March. The conference is shaping up to be a highlight of the professional year for those attending. The opening plenary will be delivered by Professor Fiona Wood, and I would urge any of you that have not heard Professor Wood speak, to make every effort to attend. She is an inspiration on many levels and embodies the qualities of sheer grit and determination that true pioneers in any field of endeavour espouse. If you are attending the conference you will also be able to attend the AGM – and have your say and your vote on the issues discussed there. Papers for the AGM were distributed at the end of February, so please take the opportunity to read them and make your vote count!

Sally Kincaid

Chief Executive


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