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President's Message for April 2017 

In February our Board spent a weekend with ASMIRT’s new CE Sally Kincaid at our first face to face meeting for 2017. We spent much ofthe time refocussing our strategic direction. What quickly became apparent was that our vision, mission and strategies wereshifting from the ones that had served us so well up to now. Our Board and ourexecutive team workshopped these key elements to reflect the ASMIRT we want. We want our vision to be short, succinct, aspirational and somewhat nationalistic. Hopefully you will agree with it:

‘Empowering medical radiation practitioners for the health of all Australians’

From the vision comes the mission. We took a slightly different path with ourmission. Most organisational missions refer to the mission of the organisation which infers it is the organisation’s responsibility. The problem our Board seeswith that is that our organisation is our members. So our mission is:

As members of ASMIRT we improve healthcare by:

  • Advocating for patients
  • Influencing local, national and international policy and practice
  • Advancing professional pathways and standards
  • Leading and engaging in research and learning

Our mission is therefore a call to arms to you the members. It is stating that these are the things our members should be doing as MRPs in improving the healthcare of all Australians. And if you think that we have somehow moved themission away from our Board, remember like you, we too are members and champions of this vision and mission.

Stemming from our vision and mission are a set of strategies and goals to which your Board is committed. The key strategy for our Board is how we can invest into our membership. We want our members to say to non members – why aren’t you a member? For this to happen we need great services and products, website, CPD program and portal, all thethings I have spoken about before. I will keep you posted as we get these developed and instigated.Another great part of the weekend was having our state based executive teams come to Melbourne. This is something our Board has championed for some time now. These are our grass roots volunteers and we value their input to making ASMIRT stronger and better for our members.

Some of the key themes that they brought to us were around their capacity to identify their current state membersand new members, including the idea of a member’s badge. I understand it was something we may have done in the past but perhaps it had dropped off. Our Board has committed to getting badges reinstated and out to our members. Having come from a nursing background the presentation of your badge was almost seen to be more important than your degree. A badge is an important symbol of each member’s commitment to our highest professional standards. The badge also refers back to something I mentioned in an earlier message; it helps to identify your tribe.

Finally, by the time you are reading this, ASMMIRT 2017 ‘Reach’ will have been and gone, and while a future issue ofSpectrum will be dedicated to a review of our Perth conference I want to pass on my sincere thanks to all of those whowill no doubt be working feverishly to deliver another world class event.

Your President,

Patrick Eastgate

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