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Pre-Approved Courses - Accredited Overseas Courses

Selected  international programmes in Diagnostic Radiography/Medical Imaging Technology and Radiation Therapy have been approved by the ASMIRT, allowing graduates to obtain an accelerated assessment of their eligibility for accreditation.These include those degree courses from New Zealand only. Currently there are no other pre approved courses from any other country on this list.
Graduates from these approved courses are able to apply via a direct application for an ASMIRT Statement of Qualification.  Applicants using this pathway must have at least one year (full-time equivalent) of clinical experience in their country of origin before applying.  This clinical experience must have been completed within the past five years.  

Graduates from ASAR approved courses are able to apply via a direct application for a Certificate of Recognition in Ultrasound.

Please refer to the following link for information in relation to demonstration of English language proficiency.  Please note that ALL applicants must provide appropriate evidence of their English language proficiency. 

Only fully completed applications with all the required supporting documentation will be considered.  Supporting documentation should be certified* copies.  Please do not send original documents as these cannot be returned.
Letters verifying the applicant’s clinical experience from both past and present employers must be included in the application.  The employers’ letters must:
• State the date range of the applicant’s employment
• State the hours of employment per week
• Indicate the full range of modalities performed during the applicant’s employment
• Indicate the time period spent by the applicant in each modality.  This may be actual time spent or the proportion (expressed in percentages) each modality represented of the applicant’s role
• Be signed by the Department Chief, Head of Department, Chief or Superintendent Radiographer/Radiation Therapist or similar
• Be prepared on official, formal organisational letterhead paper
Applications involving pre-approved courses will be dealt with in a shorter timeline and an applicant should receive advice of the outcome within one month of receipt. Incomplete applications that do not include all the required documentation may take considerably longer to assess.

The fee for this assessment is AUD$278.00 and payment must be included with the application.   Refer to the application form for methods of payment.  Accepted forms of payment are bank cheque drawn in Australian dollars, MasterCard, Visa Card or American Express.  Cheques must be made payable to the Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy and drawn on an Australian Bank.  Overseas currency will not be accepted.  Please do not send cash.

*What is meant by certified copy?
  (Note: This may also be referred to as a notarised copy)
Certified/notarised copy of a document means a copy authorised or stamped as being a true and correct copy of the original document by a person or agency recognised by the law of your country to do so.  In Australia, this includes a Justice of the Peace, Commissioner for Declarations or a person before whom a statutory declaration may be made, such asaccountant, lawyer, medical doctor or police officer.

Documents listed are published in PDF format.