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Patients bring JMRS article to appointments

Patients bring JMRS article to appointments

10 July 2024

Some patients with prostate cancer are bringing a Journal of Medical Radiation Sciences (JMRS) article with them to appointments, according to Dr Louise Emmett, Director of Theranostics & Nuclear Medicine at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney. She says patients use the article, Lutetium-177 PSMA radionuclide therapy for men with prostate cancer: a review of the current literature and discussion of practical aspects of therapy, to help prompt questions. Dr Emmett is one of the paper’s authors.

“[They] ask questions about radiation safety and about how prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA) therapy works”, Dr Emmett says.

“Many [other] patients do not bring the article, but say they have read it online.”

People with prostate cancer are finding it useful to read the JMRS article about Lutetium-177 PSMA radionuclide therapy.

The paper found that Lutetium-177 PSMA is showing exciting treatment responses in men with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer. Preliminary publications suggest it has a low toxicity profile and appears generally well tolerated in men with end stage metastatic disease. 

Published in 2017, the paper is one of the top 5 most downloaded JMRS papers each year. Dr Emmett says she plans to submit an updated version to JMRS soon.

For JMRS Editor-In-Chief Cherry Agustin, it’s great news that the paper is resonating with patients. She says one of her personal goals is for JMRS to be a journal that patients value.

The JMRS article can be read here:

Have you had multiple patients bring the same JMRS article with them to an appointment? Let us know at

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