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Complaints Against Professionals

The ASMIRT will be open to accepting complaints from all stakeholders including, but not limited to, patients, clients, members and the general community.

The ASMIRT will investigate and respond to any complaints made and will make recommendations and also make changes in line with those recommendations.

The ASMIRT will capture data about complaints and implement improvements wherever practicable.

A complaint can be made verbally or in writing to the Chief Executive of the ASMIRT. If received verbally, then this will be documented on a complaint form. The Board will be notified and an investigation will occur. The findings will be reported back to the complainant and staff.

Documents will be logged and filed securely. Periodic reports are prepared for the Board covering number and nature of complaints, to provide trend analysis and identification of opportunities for improvement.

In the event of a complaint, correspondence should be addressed to the Chief Executive at the Institute.  Please refer to the "Contact Us" page for contact details including postal address, email, telephone and fax number.

Please also refer to the Ethics and Conduct page of this website for related information.