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ASMIRT releases AI Position Statement

ASMIRT releases AI Position Statement

1 July 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not an emerging technology, rather a reality in contemporary healthcare. In its newly released position statement, ASMIRT advocates for the safe, justified use of AI. The position statement proposes criteria by which the implementation and application of AI may be measured.

Using examples, ASMIRT’s statement proposes six key benchmarks.

  1. Justification – AI systems should be justified in the context of the proposed environment, demonstrating clear benefit/solution
  2. Evidence based – AI systems should be evidence based and demonstrated to perform in their proposed settings
  3. Transparency – Manufacturers should be transparent about data retention, protection and testing populations
  4. Accountability – Systems should be audited during installation and beyond.
  5. Quality Assurance – Implementation and maintenance of quality assurance benchmarks to ensure AI remain fit for purpose
  6. Education – Ensuring the workforce and students are adequately trained in contemporary practice

Read the full position statement below

CT scans are just one medical imaging process that can be aided by AI when used in a safe, evidence-based way.
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